Frequently Asked Questions

Information on this page has been divided into three categories, Basic, containing questions on basic web terminology, General, containing general questions on our procedures, policy and services, and Technical, referencing more technical questions.

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Basic Questions - What Is

Closed FolderHTML


Closed FolderCSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Closed FolderPHP


Closed FolderDNS

DNS (Domain Name System)

Closed FolderSSL

SSL (Secure Socket Layers)

Closed FolderServerSide

Server-Side Processing

Closed FolderSEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Closed FolderWebHost

Web Hosting

Closed FolderDomainName

Domain Name

Closed FolderFlash


General Questions

Closed FolderHowMuch

What is the cost, and how is it billed?

Closed FolderHiddenCost

Are there any hidden costs?

Closed FolderSecurity

Is the internet safe?

Closed FolderWebsiteUpdate

Can I update my own website?

Closed FolderArtwork

Who owns the artwork on my site?

Closed FolderSiteChange

I want to change something on my site.

Closed FolderRegistration

Can you register my domain name?

Closed FolderGoodSEO

Do you guarantee top SEO ranking?

Closed FolderPromote

How do I promote my site?

Closed FolderISPHost

What is an ISP

Closed FolderDataboyLink

I don't want a DataBoy link on my site.

Closed FolderWebTemplate

What is a web template?

Closed FolderOutOfTown

What if I live out of town?

Closed FolderEmailOnly

I just want an e-mail address.

Closed FolderMailOnly

I need help with a mail campaign.

Technical Questions

Closed FolderFlashMM

Do you do Flash and multimedia work?

Closed Folderdatabase

What database do you use?

Closed FolderOtherLanguages

Do you write or modify programs written in Perl, C#, or other languages?

Closed FolderHostingServices

What hosting services do you offer?

Closed FolderECommerce

Do you design e-commerce sites?

Closed FolderCCProcessing

How do I do credit card processing?

Closed FolderChangeCurrent

Can you change my current site?

Closed FolderMoveWebsite

Can you move my site to your server?

Closed FolderBrowsers

Do you test for different browsers and screen resolutions?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Web presence only matters when people can find you!

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